The only way to do great work, is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

Career assessments

In today’s world children, adolescence and even adults have a wide range of choices when it comes to the world of work. As parents we need to help our children navigate in a world that holds so many choices. Career assessments will facilitate a person in matching their strengths, interests, values, skills and inherit personality traits with careers to which they are best suited too.

What domains are evaluated in this assessment

· Personality

· Aptitude

· Interests related to the world of work

· Values

· Career mapping

· Career coaching/ counselling


An individual’s unique traits that make them who they are. Personality depicts how a person thinks, feels and behaves. It can stem from one’s inherit nature and environment.

Why measure personality?

We measure personality in the Career Assessment as even though personality can change slightly. One’s personality traits are pretty stable and do not change drastically. The way a person thinks, behaves and feels will have a direct impact on the career they choose. For example a very social person will not find fulfilment in a job that holds little human interaction.


Aptitude can be defined as a person’s potential or talent. These talents can be mental or physical, natural or acquired, developed undeveloped. The person may also be unaware of his or her talents

Why measure aptitude?

If an individual has the capacity to excel in a particular area, it could lead to career success and fulfilment. Sometimes groups of aptitudes are highly suited to a particular career path. Measuring an individual’s aptitudes will give the person a good indication of the types of careers they would thrive in. For example: someone with an aptitude for numbers will do well in the financial sectors


Interests are often the things that a person is drawn to or get excited about. Therefore it has to do with an emotional response to a particular object, situation or person.

Why measure interests?

Measuring what a person is drawn to can help them identify which careers will give them that positive emotional response. Or that will meet their unique interests


Values can be described as a person’s personal beliefs, morals or principals.Values form a part of an individual’s cognitive processes of what one believes to be right and wrong, good or bad.

Why measure Values?

Individuals have values that relate to what work they do and what subjects they choose. Measuring what an individuals deems as having merit or worth will coincide with their choices in life. For example a person may value security, flexibility, discipline, integrity, freedom etc.

Career mapping

A career map can be defined as a template that an individual uses in order to plan their career path or the means of advancement in their company. It is both a systemised and creative method. In order to map out a career change or path a person needs to have the maturity and ability to make certain decisions.

Why is career mapping important?

As there are so many choices out there, career mapping helps an individual makes sound decisions that will align with their unique personality traits, values and interest. It will also measure a person’s maturity levels. Many learners out there are simply not ready to map out their careers and may need some more time.

Career coaching/ counselling

Career counselling /coaching is a method of guidance and advice giving that helps a person make informed decisions.

Why is career counselling important?

The world of work is not what it used to be. Learners have many career opportunities that are available to them. Career coaching techniques help one make decisions based on the person’s strengths, interests and abilities. Career guidance plays an important role to those who do not know what career direction to take.